2021 LLELA Scavenger Hunt


The competition starts Friday, January 1, 2021 through Saturday, January 31, 2021.

Make up your own team (up to five) of the brave and the brightest

for the first ever LLELA Scavenger Hunt.

Explore the Blackjack, Cottonwood and Cicada Trails at LLELA and

discover thirty-six items to learn about and answer questions.

There are three bonus sites on the Green Dragon Trail.


An entry/answer sheet for the Scavenger Hunt can be downloaded HERE.

This Scavenger Hunt has been designed to have items that everyone will find, some items that are difficult to find and some that are of a technical nature.

Please enjoy the hike and your team. This is not a test. It should be fun!!

No prize(s) have been advertised because it will depend on the size of the winning team(s).

Submit your answer sheet by emailing it to LLELAOutdoors@gmail.com.

Or leaving a “hard copy” at the LLELA Gatehouse.

Change the name of the entry/answer sheet so that

it includes your team name (Smithteam).